Who is coming to our conference?

As we closed the registration for the conference a couple of weeks ago (but please email us if you missed the deadline but want to come – we may still be able to accomodate you!), we have learned more about the participants. This is important for us, to be able to adjust and accommodate the participants with regard to, for example, expertise level at the workshops, but likewise it might be useful for the participants to know a little bit about the  colleagues who will be there.

So below, in a few words and piecharts, are the blurry results of our registration survey (please note that not everyone responded to every question).

This is clearly going to be a postgraduate students conference! Fantastic 🙂

It is hard to deduce gender from “Dr” and “Prof”, but assuming the orange part components follow the overall pattern, the participants are ~35% female.

We have a 50/50 split for the need to have basic introduction to shell and R. We will have relevant expertise on board, with two Software Carpentry instructors (Marisa Martin Cerezo and Jarek Bryk) who will be able to run parallel workshop sessions (and skills exchange sessions) for less advanced users. If you think the workshops will be too hard for you, don’t worry (and also check the distributions of skills below).

The answers to the five questions below were on a scale from 1 (“none” or “very little”) to 5 (“expert”).

This is it! Please drop us an email with questions or comments. See you on the conference!

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