We are pleased to annouce that 2017 edition will take place in autumn 2017 in Białowieża, Poland.

What is PEB conference?
The Programming for Evolutionary Biology (PEB) conference brings together scientists broadly interested in applying bioinformatic tools to answer evolutionary and ecological questions. It aims to serve as a platform for discussing common programming pitfalls encountered during research and features workshops to further develop participants’ bioinformatic abilities.

The conference is an offshoot of the Programming for Evolutionary Biology course held annually at the University of Leipzig. The course teaches the essential background skills required to perform computational analyses using next-generation sequencing (NGS) data with a focus on solving research questions related to genomics and evolution. Alumni from the Class of 2014 organized the inaugural PEB conference in May 2015 at CIBIO (Vila do Conde, Portugal), and in 2016 the meeting was held in Belgrade, Serbia.