Preliminary programme

Saturday (16.09)

Bus from Warsaw airport to Białowieża (~4.5h)
evening: Welcome reception

Sunday (17.09)

10:00               opening of the Third PEB meeting
10:15-11:00    plenary talk
11-11:30          coffee break
11:30-12:30    contributed talks
13-14:30          lunch break
after lunch        excursion to the Strict Reserve, Bialowieza National Park

Monday (18.09)

10-10:45         plenary talk
10:45-11         coffee break
11:00-12:30   contributed talks
12:30-14:00   lunch break
14:00-16:30   workshop 1
16:30-18:30   bioinfo stock exchange
19                    dinner

Tuesday (19.09)

10-10:45       plenary talk
10:45-11       coffee break
11-13:30       workshop 2
13:30-14:30  lunch break
14:30-17:00  workshop 3
17:00-19       bioinfo stock exchange
19:30             dinner and closing party

Wednesday (20.09)

Saying goodbye to Białowieża and getting back to Warsaw

Plenary speakers

Mark Blaxter, University of Edinburgh
MarkMark studies genomics of nematodes and other, less popular species, such as Tardigrates. He is the right person to ask when you struggle with assembling a genome of absolutely non-model species.



Katja Nowick, University of Leipzig
KatjaKatja studies primates, H. sapiens included, and she is particularly interested in the role of transcription factors.




Stuart J.E. Baird, Czech Academy of Sciences
StuartStuart is interested in many aspects of evolutionary genetics, and his particular interest is what happens in a hybrid zone.




Data visualisation in R using ggplot2

Przemysław Biecek, University of Warsaw / Warsaw Technical University
PrzemekPrzemek is an R enthusiast, he uses R for his research, he develops packages, and the loves teaching R.



Data manipulation in R

Olek Michalski,
You get along with R but you’re still using Excell/Calc to create a pivot table or when you need to quickly create a new column in the dataframe that combines some other columns from your data? This workshop is right for you.


Advanced Unix for Bioinformatics

Claudius Kerth, Univeristy of Sheffield

If you have any suggestion of a workshop, please let us know using the contact form.