Travel info

If your native language is not Slavic then you may give up picking up Polish basics at the very beginning. I’m not kidding. The only bright side is that we use Latin alphabet.

How to pronounce „Cześć” („Hi”) in Polish: IPA: [ʧ̑ɛɕʨ̑], click to listen

Hopefully, most people know basic English, there is English-speaking staff in bars and cafes, and in larger cities it is quite likely to find a person able to hold a fluent conversation in English.

Standard continental, currency 230V, 50Hz. Socket looks like this.
Overseas visitors: bring adapters with you.

Not euro. Polish zloty (zł). Euro is 4.2zł, British pound 4.5zł. There is plenty of ATMs, Bialowieza has one or two. You may also use an exchange office in Warsaw.

Example prices:


  • beer: in a shop 4 zł, in a pub: 10zl and over
  • espresso: 8-10zł, latte: 10-15zł
  • 1.5l bottle of water: 3zł, 0.5l Coca-Cola: 4zł

  • oriental take-away: 15zł-20zł
  • dinner in a restaurant: 30zł-80zł (and more)
  • pizza: 30-40zł
  • piece of cake (cafe): 10-20zł
  • BigMac: 10zł

  • bus ticket: single 4.4zł, 1-day travelcard 15zł
  • museum admission: ~20zł

Białowieża may be a bit cheaper than Warsaw but remember that this is a tourist place and local people are trying to make their best of it.

State border
Białowieża is about 2km from the state border which is also EU eastern border. Unauthorised crossing is a criminal offense, and it will also guarantee you a close encounter with either Polish or Bielarussian border guards (either way, not fun).
Because of the border zone, you should always have your ID with you.

If you travel from EU, there are now fixed roaming prices within EU. Calling in Poland should not be overly expensive. However, in Bialowieza you need to pay attention what provider you phone is logged to. In some areas, the Bielarussian coverage is stronger than Polish and this may cost you >4 euro a minute. Best you can do is to disable in your phone an automatic selection of a provider. Most popular Polish providers are: Orange, T-Mobile, Play, Plus.